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Our mission is to empower everyone to tell their stories and hold onto them forever.

During her sophomore year, our CEO Sophia’s mother suffered from bladder cancer and the former student-athlete decided to demonstrate the love to her mother by writing her biography to prove that she listened to her and that her history and her life meant something. The reason she wrote her own was also out of lack of accessible, fast and inexpensive solutions - if she couldn’t find a way to solve the problem, what would happen to the stories of the people we loved?  

At the same time, our CFO Max noticed how little he knew about his grandfather and how many stories he simply didn’t know. Overtime his concern grew as he realised that most of his grandfather’s stories would be completely lost over time if there wasn’t a way to preserve them, and that his kids and their kids would end up knowing nothing about their ancestors at all. He knew there had to be a way to stop these stories from simply disappearing.

Together Max and Sophia founded Trado with the aim of preserving the stories of the people they loved. History had always been reserved for the wealthy, the successful and the victorious and they wanted an accessible and easy way for anyone to tell and save their story. They saw the benefit to their relationships already just by sitting down and asking their loved ones questions about their past and wanted everyone to feel that intimacy with the people they cared about. But Trado’s biggest twist of all - the customer wouldn’t have to write their stories, they would say them out loud.

Sophia and Max

Our Board and investors

We're proud to partner with people and organizations who are deeply aligned with our mission.
Sophia Parvizi-Wayne
Founder and CEO
Jacob Kohn
Founding Advisor
Greg Shaw
Founding Investor
Maxwell Stern
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