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The easiest way to create a professionally written book. About you, a loved one or simply life itself - all without writing a word.
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Your Story
Choose who is getting interviewed and our machine learning selects specific interview questions from a database of thousands of questions to tailor towards them.
Your Voice
Interview your book subject (or yourself!) and record your answers as you go in our app. From there we do the rest.
Your Book
Once our voice to book technology has got to work and our professional writers have edited your story, your book arrives at your doorstep with a life full of memories.
Allowing you to connect with those you love and hold onto each moment in a professionally written, perfectly bound book.

For every story,
tell it with Trado.

From childhood memories to career deep-dives, we use machine learning and professional writers to make every story personal and memorable.
Family Stories

"My mother was not just my fathers wife or mother to his children- she was a business woman and the first to go to college in our city..."

dinner stories

"Little did I know my beginners tennis lesson was a sixty minute class I would have to endure for three months along six year olds. Just as I was packing up my bag as the kids ran to their parents, she walked into the court, looking very professional..."

wedding stories

"The moment of my wedding day was unbelievably clear. I remember the exact moment I woke up- 6.42am..."

Solo Stories

"I remembered walking to the car and suddenly realizing just how cold I was. It wasn’t cold outside though- it was 62 degrees and I was wearing five layers..."

Questions? We're here to help.

How do I get started?
Sign up! The first step is simply to give us your email address and name and from there we can get started. Within twenty four hours, your log in will be with you and we can begin creating a storyboard specially for you. An extra bonus- there is no payment upfront!
How much does Trado cost?
Trado is $149. It comes with your personalized interview questions, access to the Trado App, and one (1) professionally written, timeless, printed book.

Additional services, like re-ordering books, adding images and customizing covers, come with additional fees.
What if I don't know how to tell a story?
It’s easy to think your stories don’t matter or can’t be recorded when you don’t have the tools to tell them but that’s why we are here! We custom-build interview questions for each and every client, so your story will be unique, engaging and professional.  When you’re done, our team of writers make final edits, ensuring your book is timeless, valuable and perfectly-printed.  

Still not sure?  Explore stories we’ve told so far.
Can I purchase more than one book?
Of course! Once you have bought your first book and initial service, you can buy as many of the same book as you want for only $30 each. You can also purchase the ebook version for $20.
Can I customize my book?
We offer concierge customization for every aspect of your book.  Fees depend on your request, from cover designs and inline pictures to podcast-recordings and more.  It’s our mission to help you define your story.
My story is personal — how secure is my information?
Your security is our priority. Explore our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to see how we encrypt, safeguard and protect your personal information.